Morgan Hill (right) presents her research project during a WISCIENCE summer research poster session in the lower level of Steenbock Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Aug. 2, 2017. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Honors in the Major

The Honors student in Molecular and Cell Biology is one who wishes to prepare for graduate or professional school in one of the most rigorous and challenging ways available on our campus.

Honors in the Major offers opportunities to interact directly with faculty in both research and other scholarly ways, and student-driven opportunities to share experiences with other Honors students. Typically,  MCB Honors in the Major students will seek admission during their second or early in their third year.

Honors in the Major Requirements -Molecular and Cell Biology Major

To declare Honors in the Major, students should meet with the MCB Academic Advisor.

Biocore is one way to complete Honors in the Major course credits.  It is a curriculum and select community of highly motivated students who complete a four-semester introductory biology sequence.  Typically applications are due during a student’s first year and the program offers the potential to earn the Biocore Honors certificate upon completion.  Biocore fulfills introductory to intermediate/advanced requirements and honors course credits towards the MCB and Honors in the Major requirements.

MCB and Bicore Sample Four Year Plan