Honors in the Major

The Honors student in Molecular and Cell Biology is one who wishes to prepare for graduate or professional school in the most rigorous and challenging ways available on our campus. For the Honors student in Molecular and Cell Biology, our faculty endeavor to provide enriching academic opportunities: these include a selection from the list of advanced courses that represent some of the most challenging courses the Madison campus has to offer, opportunities to interact directly with faculty in both research and other scholarly ways, and student-driven opportunities to share experiences and intellectual stimulation with other Honors students. Typically, Honors students will seek admission to Honors in Molecular and Cell Biology during the sophomore or early in the junior year. Students will be awarded their degree with Honors in Molecular Biology if they:

  1. Complete all requirements for the major with a GPA in the major of 3.5 and an overall GPA of 3.3,
  2. Complete the requirement for Molecular Biology (4c) and Advanced Courses (5) from a list of courses approved for Honors (approved courses are designated by * on the Requirements page),
  3. Register for Molecular Biology 681 (3 credits) and 682 (3 credits) for two semesters between the completion of the second semester as a Junior and the end of the semester of graduation and during this period complete an acceptable Senior Honors Thesis in Molecular Biology, and
  4. Complete one semester of Molecular Biology 686: Senior Honors Seminar in Molecular Biology (1 credit)

To declare Honors in the Major, students should meet with the MolBio student services coordinator.