Close up picture of cells

4-Year Plan

The MCB sample 4-year plan should be used in collaboration with your Molecular and Cell Biology Academic Advisor. There is flexibility in course selection and sequencing. The course plan may vary per student depending on AP credit, transfer credit, placement exams and student goals.

Students are strongly encouraged to build in internship, research, volunteer, study abroad experiences, etc. See the Student Resources and Undergraduate Research tabs for more information on these experiences.

Sample 4-Year Plan-MCB

Biocore is one way to complete Honors in the Major course credits.  It is a curriculum and select community of highly motivated students who complete a four-semester introductory biology sequence.  Typically applications are due during a student’s first year and the program offers the potential to earn the Biocore Honors certificate upon completion.  Biocore fulfills introductory to intermediate/advanced requirements and honors course credits towards the MCB and Honors in the Major requirements.

MCB and Bicore Sample Four Year Plan