Upon declaring the major, all Molecular Biology students are assigned to an advising team composed of a Faculty Advisor and the Student Services Coordinator.

Your Faculty Advisor

Your Faculty Advisor provides guidance specific to the molecular biology discipline through discussions about undergraduate experiences (i.e. internships, research, volunteering, etc.) that will help prepare you for graduate work or a career after graduation.

You can make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor via email.

Your Student Services Coordinator

Your Student Services Coordinator provides guidance specific to the molecular biology discipline but also provides developmental advising throughout your undergraduate career. Your Student Services Coordinator will help with course selection, registration, DARS, L&S degree and major requirements, and tracking progress towards graduation, as well as connecting you to important resources across campus.  Schedule an appointment here.

Declared students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisors and Student Services Coordinator regularly throughout the duration of their undergraduate experience.

Faculty Advisors:

Nihal Ahmad
Nihal Ahmad

Department Affiliation: Dermatology

Research: Biomedical research, Cancer biology and progression

Contact: B-25 Medical Sciences Center

Photo of Thomas F. J. Martin
Tom Martin

Department Affiliation: Biochemistry

Research: Mechanisms of hormone action and signal transduction, Molecular and cellular pharmacology

Contact: 241B Biochemistry
Kurt Amann
Kurt Amann

Chair of the Major - Zoology

Research: Mechanisms of cell structure and motility, Biochemical behavior of molecules

Contact: 335 Bock Laboratories

Profile Photo
Trina McMahon

Department Affiliation: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research: Microbial ecology of natural and engineered systems, Bacterial metabolism related to wastewater treatment and freshwater nutrient cycling

Contact: 5552 Microbial Sciences
Zsuzsanna Fabry
Zsuza Fabry

Department Affiliation: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Research: Immunopathology, Neuroimmunology, Multiple Sclerosis

Contact: 6130 Medical Sciences Center, zfabry@wisc.edu
Linda Schuler
Linda Schuler

Department Affiliation: Comparative Biosciences

Research: Endocrine and reproductive physiology, Molecular and environmental toxicology, Cancer biology

Contact: 4354B Veterinary Medicine 
Marcin Filutowicz
Marcin Filutowicz

Department Affiliation: Bacteriology

Research: Plasmids, DNA Replication, Protein involvement in replication process

Contact: 256 Microbial Sciences Building, msfiluto@wisc.edu
Ahna Skop
Ahna Skop

Department Affiliation: Genetics

Research: Asymmetric cell division, Cytokinesis, Cell biology

Contact: 2426 Genetics Biotech

Student Services Coordinator:

Ginny jackson

Ginny Jackson

Contact Ginny Jackson for advising in the Molecular Biology major

Email at vjackson4@wisc.edu or schedule an appointment